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Keeping in touch doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Automate your contact schedule.

Enter each person you'd like to keep in touch with into our spreadsheet and let it keep track of all the contacts in your database, alerting you who needs to be contacted next. There's no new technology to learn, and the quick '1step' data entry allows for immediate implementation. Watch our video on YouTube!

The simple way to stay connected to your clients.

People are talking.

If someone had handed this to me when I first started [my real estate career], countless hours would have been saved with me not having to create all of my own lists, systems etc. I think this is great!

– Missy L., Agent

I am very excited about the benefits for retention, recruiting, and contact management. The simplicity of your system will allow agents and managers the potential to be productive while creating a more intentional relationship with their contacts. The possibilities are endless.

– Stacy W., Managing Broker

What a wonderful product. I honestly believe it would be a wonderful solution for so many agents who just can't seem to get themselves together. It's going to carry their business to a whole new level.

– Candy D., Sales Manager

I love how easy it is to use. Being a manager, I am always trying to get my agents to have more consistent and continuous contact with their sphere of influence, and with your system they will have no excuse! Your system makes sense, and helps build real estate sales with a simple, effective system.

– Lisa S., Managing Broker

Finally know who to catch up with & when.

Simply tab through a few fields to enter your contact's information, even conversational details like their kids and birthdays. In '1step', you create your database, unique profile pages for each contact, and a communication schedule for the entire year!

It's like your very own Little Black Book.

You also have a '1step' option to print out your database list, profile pages, and annual communication schedule to create a “Book of Business.” This puts everything at your fingertips, and will prove to be an invaluable tool for new agents or even seasoned professionals looking to really tap into those referral resources.

No more dropping the ball after closing.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 65% of clients would do business with their agent in the future, but only 23% actually do. Why is that? Lack of 'follow-thu'! Utilize our '1step' application to automate a seven point contact system for the year after closing and further.